Weekly Challenge

B.E.S.T. Parents,

Thank you for participating in our friendly coach competition. Our coaches are awesome and we hope that your kiddos are talking about them and all the fun stuff they are doing in camp, at home. 

We would like to invite you and your child to take this time to discuss all the fun and exciting activities happening in camp. We have different categories listed below. 


Please select a first place and second place for each category this week using the drop down menu below. As a thank you for your participation, your submission enters you in to a weekly drawing for a prize of your own! Prizes include free snack bar items and credits on your account to be used for future BEST activities. If you have multiple children in camp, please feel free to submit 1 form per child.


On Monday morning we will tally up the votes and the winner will get a prize! We hope that your little one is having a blast in camp, but if there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by email at info@best-sports-usa.com or by phone at (623) 748- 9453.

Meet your coaches:

More Photos coming soon!

*Not Pictured: Jr, Luke, and Trent


Enter your vote below!

  • You may enter 1 submission for each child in camp!
  • Who is the coach your child learned the most from?

  • Who is the funniest coach?

  • Who is your child's favorite coach?