Enrichment Trifecta

Creating Well-rounded Athletes

Enrichment Trifecta

Our Trifecta Program of Beginners Edge Sports Training, Challenge Island (S.T.E.A.M) and Young Rembrandts brings you three amazing disciplines all parents and schools want kids exposed to. Stimulate the mind and body and you have a well rounded child.

With our Trifecta program we are bringing you all three programs at one location. Every other Friday we will hold this program 9-12, we will age split the children (as long as the classes are large enough to do so), you can drop off your child (as long as they are BATHROOM INDEPENDENT!), Pack a snack and enjoy 3 hours of freedom.

Experienced staff from all three programs will be there to guide your children and aid them in a successful Trifecta.

Full Class Registration is required for all 4 sessions. (They take priority). We will open up specific days for drop ins as we get closer.