Parties – Payment Policies

Our Payment & Cancellation Policy

Non-refundable payment will be secured via credit card to secure the chosen package (with any add-ons) for the specific day and time.
Should you need to CANCEL or CHANGE your party date AFTER PAYING YOUR NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT a 100% CREDIT to your BEST account will be placed on your account for indefinite use.
For all Party PACKAGES: Should you have more kids than in your package, once we receive your RSVP list the Wednesday prior we will PRECHARGE you for the additional kids, which will include food for the BEST Package. This is NOT refundable and is NOT based on the # of children that show up. We will upcharge should the # of kids attending exceed the RSVP provided. Please note: We may not have food for drop in kids but we still will charge $10 per additional.
These policies are not negotiable for ANY reason. Again all deposits (which includes any advance rentals of bounce house, rockwall) are NON-refundable.
The Wednesday prior to the party, we will ask you for a list of the attendees so we can properly staff the party and prepare our amenities.
The balance including any Tip/Gratuity will be settled at the completion of the party with the party coordinator who will provide this information at the completion of the party.
Again balance is to be paid in cash or with a credit card.
As always, tip/gratuity is not included in the cost of the party but is always appreciated by the staff for the hard work they put in to making your party the BEST.


The balance due and any tip you feel the Coach and Staff deserve is to be paid at the completion of the party. This can be cash or CC. Should you not secure payment, we will automatically secure payment with your credit card on file with an additional 5% service charge.
It is essential that you arrive no more than 15-20 minutes before your scheduled party time to set-up and get settled. We will NOT permit entrance earlier than this. Should you need more time than this to set up you will need to book additional time at $50 per 15 minutes.
We recommend that you invite your guests 5 minutes prior to the party so we can begin the sports activities at the beginning of your party. We also recommend your families are requested to return 5-mutes prior to the end of the party to pick up their children.
When counting participants, please note that all participating children will be counted as part of the party package. Any and all siblings, cousins or attendees participating in the activities will be included in the total count and charged accordingly in the final tally and due at the end of the party. Quantities must be solidified 3 days prior to party.
Close to the COMPLETION OF THE PARTY: 5 Minutes prior B.E.S.T. Sports staff will shut off TV's, all arcade games, lights in the gym and music. 15 minute prior we will be start to clean the VIP/Annex lobby and ask people to exit the VIP room so we can clean and prep for the next party. There is a 15-minute buffer where you will have access to our cart to remove any and all gifts and decorations. Our staff will assist as they can.
NOT ALLOWED: Anything in or on our Walls or Ceilings or Doors, Confetti Poppers, Glitter or any accessory that is not pre-approved. Should you have excessive decorations that requires additional time for cleanup/removal and or feel inclined to hang out in our awesome space after the party is completed, please note we will ask you at that time should you need another $15 for $50. Please note: at no time can anyone be left in our space after 20 minutes. If this should happen a $100 fee will be assessed automatically for the next 15 minutes and even with this fee we will require you to leave in order to not inhibit the next activity or the scheduled departure of our staff.