Weather Updates

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UPDATED 06/01/2024 9:23 AM

Please see below for our policy on rain and how we handle weather related events. 

Our Coaches are required to go down to the Park to see if the conditions are playable. Drizzling and playing on grass is playable. If the fields are not playable, our Coaches will call in to our office and we will edit our weather page as fast as we can. You can also call to inquire but the fastest way is to either go to the Park and continually check the weather page. Weather predictions are UNRELIABLE so please be patient with our ability to change the page. We do NOT email or call or text  since we have hundreds actively within our system and we do not have the ability to SMS everyone. 

LocationOpen/ ClosedNotes
B.E.S.T. Scottsdale Sports Center:🟢 Open
Aleppo Park:🟢 Open
Arcadia Park:🟢 Open
Aviano Park:🟢 Open
Cashman Park:🟢 Open
City of Scottsdale Park and Rec (Cactus/Other) 🟢 Open
Desert Horizon Park:🟢 Open
Desert Mountain Park:🟢 Open
Fireside @ Desert Ridge:🟢 Open
Founders Park - Queen Creek🟢 Open
Gilbert Freestone Park:🟢 Open
Gilbert Freestone Recreation Center:🟢 Open
Gilbert Regional:🟢 Open
Glendale Foothills Rec. Center:🟢 Open
Goodyear Comm. Park:🟢 Open
Goodyear Rec Center:🟢 Open
Granada Park:🟢 Open
Moon Valley Park:🟢 Open
Mountain Valley Park (Prescott):🟢 Open
Rio Vista Rec Center:🟢 Open
Staggs Park:🟢 Open
Sunset Park:🟢 Open
Sweetwater Park:🟢 Open
West Wing Park: 🟢 Open

Remember what it was like to be a kid? (Yes I realize some parents did not allow you to play in the rain). Most places in the country, sports are played in the rain and it is a FUN experience. If encouraged, your kids will actually enjoy it. Getting wet and muddy is a ton of fun and lends to awesome memories. Ask yourself this, WHY ARE MUD RUNS for ADULTS so popular now? Because it is FUN! Prepare for it by bringing garbage bags or towels in your car in order to keep it relatively clean and enjoy weather that your kids will rarely see here in AZ.

Weather Cancellations Policy For All B.E.S.T. Non-Parks & Rec Classes

You know that we are not able to control the weather and weather is a risk enrolling for an outdoor class you are willing to take, seeing that we are in AZ and it is very rare.

Should there be a chance your location will be rained out please plan on the following:

  • These classes will be subject to a make-up should you choose to make-up this time but unfortunately this can not be used as a class credit. This make-up must be made during the same session of enrollment unless it is the last week of the session whereas you will be able to schedule a make-up anytime after the first week of the next NEW session IF enrolled in that session.
  • If you are NOT enrolled in the next NEW session you can call AFTER the 2nd week of the session is over then we can try to schedule you based on availability on a first come first serve basis. We do hold the right to reserve and limit the number of makeups in a class. PLEASE do not just go to a class thinking there is room as you could be turned away. Please schedule through our office and be patient as we have a few hundred kids this could affect in the Valley.

Please note, it is not B.E.S.T.’s responsibility and we do not have the ability to contact everyone personally about weather related issues weather changes rapidly here (when there is weather) and due to changing weather conditions across the Valley each location is and remains a separate case. This is the reason for the weather tab updates on our site.