Private Sports Lessons

Looking To Get An Edge-Up On The Other Players Out There?

Do you want to get trained on a NEW sport quickly? Do you want to work on a specific skill-set that’s not as good as the rest?

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I am a player & want private sports lessons

Do you worry about your first time on a team and walking on the field? Have you ever been scared of trying to make that long throw… or not taken a full swing because you were afraid of missing? Every player has areas of his or her game that needs additional work. Beginners Edge Sports Training now offers the perfect environment to develop these areas you would like to focus on. One of our professional Coaches will work on all the specific skills that you think are important to improve your game in a stress-free, individualized, one-on-one environment.

For the true Beginner all the way to Advanced Skill Training, we can help you! Whether you have an important try-out coming up, are just looking for general development or have an important game on the horizon; our private training program will improve both your confidence and your game. Plus, you’ll have fun learning!

Are You A Team Looking For Extra Training?

We Are A Team & We Want Private Sports Lessons!

 Does your volunteer Coach want you to excel at skills training while they are teaching you the strategies of the game? Beginners Edge Sports Training now offers team training in Soccer and Baseball and Basketball. You can book an hour to hone those skills (but we prefer 2 hours to really make a difference). Book us before season training or during weekly season practices. Whatever your need is, we are the B.E.S.T. at what we do.

Should I Choose Private Or Small Group?

Select between Private Lessons for one player only or Small Group Training for 2-4 Players. Not sure which one is for you? It really depends what you want to work on. If you have very specific training goals then the Private Lessons are the way forward; if you’re looking for overall development but with more individual attention then an small group lessons will work for you too. (for Small Group Lesson add $20 per child per session)

Private lessons allow the trainer to concentrate on the specific demands of the individual player. Within the Small Group training environment all players must obviously focus on the same theme making it slightly less player specific than the Private Lessons. However, Small Group Training is still very beneficial in comparison to regular team training sessions and also more cost effective than Private Lessons.

Contact B.E.S.T.

Pricing is Simple. $55 for 55 minutes. Additional players Add $20 each.

For your youth sports enthusiast, BEST offers Soccer classes, football classes, soccer training, softball training, volleyball training, volleyball classes, basketball training, basketball classes, multi-sport camps and sports camps. Call on the BEST when you are looking for your youth sports programs in Arizona.

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