Sports Party Request

Party Request Form

  • Please choose whether you want your party at the Scottsdale location or Outdoors. The Scottsdale Indoor Party has a basic and BEST package. Both are run by experienced Coaches and you get the ENTIRE place to yourself including the party room, VIP Suite, Access to all SMART TV, Party Music and more. For Base Package you have the option of having us provide Hot Dogs with Chips, Popcorn, balloons and more. BEST package comes with a lot more including bounce house OR Rockwall - your choice. On-Site Outdoor Party - This is your Choice where we come to you. Basic Party package is for 20 kids 1-hour 1-Coach of sports. Additional time, kids and Coaches are additional. See pricing page for details.
  • Please select your top 3 choices. These check boxes are for Scottsdale Indoor Sports Center only! For outdoor party request - please see next box.
  • Please fill in the time frame you think you would like us to have a Coach run the sports activities. We suggest that you request us to be there 10 minutes after party begins as many show up late. ex. Your party is from 3-5. You book us from 3:10 - 4:10. PLEASE NOTE: We can only book parties AFTER 2pm on Weekends. At this time we can not accommodate parties earlier since our Coaches are all working Classes. No Weekday Travel parties at this time.
  • Please include an address or exact name of facility, park or home address. We can only do home parties if you have an extremely large area for play.
  • Please Select 2 Sports. (We can conduct recreational park type scrimmaging. We can not offer regulation referring/officiating services)
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • We can have up to 35 kids for a Party.
  • This section is for the Indoor Scottsdale location only!
  • Pricing will be additional based on request.

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