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  • The Scottsdale Indoor Parties are simple. Choose from our Main Facility or our Annex. There are differences so if you have not walked them we encourage you to come in and take a tour before making your decision. All Parties are now 2 hours, include 2 instructors and include popcorn. You get the ENTIRE place to yourself and access to all SMART TVs, Video Games and more. Pricing is simple also: $25 pp Main facility $22 for the Annex. The more kids the more FREE add ons you get. You can always add on Candy Cart, Slushy, Cotton Candy, Glow package, Nerf wars or even Food. See all the options on the party page.
  • What is the difference between the Main Facility and the ANNEX? The Annex is geared for a little older. The Annex has a smaller lobby area but it is really cool set up with Video Games, TV's Couches and more. The Annex GYM has a full basketball court to be used for almost any sport and it features the ability to do GLOW IN THE DARK Basketball, Soccer, Dodgeball and even Nerf Wars for the slightly older players. With our pumping sound this is a GREAT space for 6+, but we do recommend checking the space out before you book. The packages are the same for the most part. Package is 1:45 minutes, includes 15 kids (you can add as many more as you like at $15 PK, 2 Coaches and loads of fun. The BEST package is 2 hours/2 Coaches, 20 kids included but you can add more @ $15pk and also includes Popcorn, water bottles, chicken nuggets with chips, and the option of doing glow in the dark sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Dodgeball or as an $ add on NERF/Glow in the Dark Nerf.
  • Please select your top 3 choices. These check boxes are for Scottsdale Indoor Sports Center only! For outdoor party request - please see next box.
  • Please Select 2 Sports. (We can conduct recreational park type scrimmaging. We can not offer regulation referring/officiating services)
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Up to and around max of 45 kids for a Party (Main Facility), Up to and around max of 30 Kids for Annex makes a super fun party.
  • This section is for possible add ons. The CANDY CART, the SLUSHY MACHINE and or the Cotton Candy (check on availability) is a Special Add on as a Special Treat! Now you can buy Candy Cart tokens for all your party goers to have that special sweet Treat on their way home. Tons of choices to choose from chocolate to sweet to sour - we have it all. Buy 1 for $2 or 28 for $50. ALL candys are 1 token and this is always a HUGE HIT when it is rolled out. The SLUSHY MACHINE is also an Add-on at $2 each 6-8 Oz Cup. Pre-order this up to an hour before and our Staff will add it to your fun time. Cotton Candy are $4PC and we will have multiple flavors. **Qty for all food/candy add-ons will be equal or greater than the # of children. **

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