Pickleball Court Rental

Pickleball Court Rental

Pickleball court rentals are available for ages 3 – 100.  Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis, making it a fun and engaging activity for players of all skill levels. With the availability of pickleball court rentals, you can enjoy the game and improve your skills in a dedicated and well-maintained environment. So gather your friends, grab your paddles, and get ready to have a fantastic time on the pickleball court!

NOW – The lines GLOW IN THE DARK – so add some glow tape to your paddles and Dink in the Dark!





Price for 1 minute

Pickleball Rental

Up to 4 people

$40 /hour

$10 per additional person per hour

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Rental Rules/Policies

  • Payment – All reservations are required to be paid in full at time of No reservations will be made without payment.
  • No Refunds – Refunds are not offered for any reason unless B.E.S.T. is unable to accommodate your reservation. There are situations when a partial credit to a B.E.S.T. account will be issued (see below). However, by reserving court time you remove our ability to rent that time and Please be 100% sure of your reservation before you book.
  • Cancellations – If the renter is unable to be present for their specified rental time, they can cancel by phone or email to This communication must be received at least 72-hours before the scheduled rental time to receive a partial court rental credit of ninety-five percent (95%) on account that can be used later. If cancelled within 72 hours, but before 48 hours, a 50% credit will be applied to your account. All reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the rental will not receive a credit for future use. Any credit issued will be posted on your B.E.S.T. Sports account.
  • Court Rentals require a minimum of 1-hour duration to
  • Renter is responsible for any damage and must report damage within 24
  • Renters must be over 21 Years old and onsite at all times should there be any participants under the age of 18

Coach’s Responsibility:

  • Coaches are required to check-in with the front desk at least 5 minutes before the scheduled rental and immediately after the rental has been Any court time not paid for (when will this happen?) will be billed to the card on file or can be paid at the front desk. Additional time not booked is billed at a rate of 1.5x’s times base rate should there be no one booked after. 3 x’s rate should there be a waiting renter. *Please remember – 1-hour minimum booking still in effect. So please exit court promptly at the end of your session.
  • Coach is responsible for obtaining waivers from all guest participants prior to participating and providing said waivers to the front desk before the scheduled court rental. Additional waivers will be available on-site.
  • Should off-hour use be requested, a check-in and check-out procedure will be provided to the renter upon booking. All off-hour procedures must be followed.
  • All children must be always supervised and accompanied by an adult over
  • Any individuals who do not exit court at end of rental, or do not follow rental policies and rules, will not be allowed to rent courts.
  • The reservation starts at the beginning of the rental reservation time and all parties are required to be off the court at the end of rental reservation It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that the court is cleared, clean and everything is accounted for, prior to leaving.


  • On-site equipment is available for rent upon request at an additional cost.

Roster & Guests

  • Coaches must provide a roster at the time of the rental with the names of coaches and team
  • Parents and players will not be permitted on the court without waiver, which must be provided to the front desk before the scheduled court rental.
  • Allowed guests are only allowed in areas designated by the
  • Everyone entering the club is required to check in at the front desk unless off-hour rental is
  • Armbands will be provided for each participant and must be worn at all times while on the court.

Court Rules

Allowed Activities Include: Basketball, volleyball, exercise equipment, & pickleball

Activities Not Allowed: Roller skates, MMA, hardball sports, or any activity that can cause damage to floor or walls.

*Contact management for questions on other activities that are not listed.

  • Athletic, non-marking court shoes are required at all
  • Non-traditional gymnasium equipment must be approved by the facility
  • Dunking is allowed on the basketball courts, however, excessive hanging on the rim is not
  • No food or drink allowed, except water in non-glass, re-sealable
  • Profanity, suggestive language, and aggressive behavior will not be
  • No spitting in the
  • Gym personnel reserve the right to remove any member or guest from the area if he or she exhibits behavior that is believed to be unsafe or inappropriate.
  • Hoops to be adjusted only by employees