Coach-in-training (CIT) application

Coach In Training Application

So you want to be a Coach?

Well here is where you start your journey! This is a great program where we are working to develop life skills for our CIT applicants, as well as coaching skills. This means we will take them through all the steps of applying, preparing, and interviewing for a job. Once selected, they will receive similar training to that of our working coaches. This will include:

• Core skills related to each sport
• Teaching and communications strategies
• Class management techniques
• Encouragement and motivation.

This is an invaluable learning experience that goes beyond the court/field. Parents are required to aid their children in the completion of this application and the preparation for the interview.

  • Please place your guardian's email address here. Do not place your email if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Personal Reference

    Please provide the contact info for someone who knows you personally and can speak to your character/ability to be a Coach-in-Training.