Welcome Campers!

Camp Information

Welcome To B.E.S.T Sports Camps!


  1. Follow the Parking Lot around to our West-SIDE entrance and stop at our B.E.S.T. Tent. PLEASE DO NOT PARK AND WALK UP TO THE TENT. Yes, there will be a line, but we will try to make it fast and easy!
  2. At the Tent – STAY IN YOUR CAR! We open our doors 5 minutes prior to the start of the camp to begin check in.
  3. Your check-in will be hands-free with one of our Coaches – we will come to you where a “Coach Runner” will meet you and this is where you disembark your child. If they are in a booster seat (you can exit your car here for hugs and kisses).
  4. Make sure your child has a water bottle with their name on it. $1 water bottles will be provided if needed!
  5. PLEASE AVOID packing a backpack and do NOT bring precious keepsakes or trading cards
  6. Proceed straight to Exit and Enjoy your day – see you at 12:30 for AM pick-up or 4pm for full-day Pick-up! (unless you have booked after-care until 5 or 6pm.)

NOTE: Should you arrive early or mid-day and no one is at the SIDE entrance to greet you please come to the front door since we only go out 5 minutes prior to pick up time. Our camp doors is locked for the safety of our children and is not open to the public. If you are arriving within 15 Minutes of drop off/ pick up time you MUST use the drive through line, the front door will be locked and WILL NOT BE OPENED for you. Example: Pick up is at 4pm, if you are here at or after 3:45 you MUST use the drive through line. The same goes for morning and mid day pickup!


  1. PLEASE BE PATIENT 😊 & Follow the map above for the pick-up time for your reservation.
  2. If you want an early pick-up, drive up, park and go to Front Door.
  3. We check ID for ALL children – please have it ready and OUT.
  4. A Coach will be out to assist you and our “Runner Coach” will bring you your child!
  5. If someone is picking up your child and is not on the list your child WILL stay with us until the person originating your child’s account can be contacted from our recorded lines to verify.
  6. Please try not to be LATE! We will be flexible, as long as you are in the lineup during your pick-up time.
    • If you need after- care ($10/hour), you are required to call or book it online 24 hours in advance!
    • Anything (online, in-person, via email or call requests)same day will be an additional $5 on top of regular late pick up charge
      –  so $15 per child.
    • If you do not book it 24 hours in advance and you child is there after the 4pm pick-up is completed you will automatically be charged
      $20 for 4-5 after care.
    • After 5pm – should after care not be prepaid, you are automatically
      charged $1 per minute.
    • After 12:35 – you are automatically charged
      $1 per minute


We offer a HUGE rolling snack bar for campers. Think of this as a Candy Store. Also to purchase in our lobby are specialty beverages like is Gatorade, chocolate milk, apple juice and other drinks. This is offered after lunch typically in the afternoon snack time when we give out some healthier alternatives for snack (included with camp).  All items are $2. Again, this is in addition to our regularly served snacks twice a day – snack bar is optional but fun!

**If you choose, PLEASE have your kids money in a sealed baggie or envelope with their FIRST and LAST name on it we store in AN ORGANIZER where they purchase snacks, and then any remaining money we can pass back out at pick up or if left we will place as a credit on your account. IF YOU HAVE more than 1 CHILD, MAKE 2 BAGS! We store/sort by FIRST NAME!


If you have a special circumstance, then call us and we can do our BEST to assist or email us info@best-sports-usa.com.

  1. Please do NOT send your child with a backpack unless absolutely necessary,
  2. Please only pack a water bottle with your child’s name on it
  3. If you are packing a lunch(not necessary since we provide) but if you have special dietary needs or a finicky child please make sure it is in a lunch box with your child’s name CLEARLY on it. FIRST and LAST NAME in PERMANENT MARKER!!!
  4. Try to have your child NOT bring anything “precious”. Yes we have cameras but not always easy to figure out who stole the Pokémon card from the table
  5. Money MUST be put in a bag with their name in SHARPIE. FIRST and LAST NAME.

If you need to walk your child inside please know you must make an appt!

A specific time will be given to you, please call us. 623-748-9453

If you are an AM “EARLY DROP-OFF” CAMPER check-in begins at 8am – PLEASE GO TO THE FRONT DOOR. The Side Door will be LOCKED.

All others – Please enter on the east-side entrance of the Building. You will see yellow “ENTER HERE” A-Frame signs

If you need after-care ($10/hour), please call in 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, it is $1 per minute that you are late after 12:35 (HALF DAY/AM PICK UP), or 4:05 (FULL DAY/AFTERNOON PICK UP), automatically charged to the card on file.

  1. Please Park and use FRONT DOOR. Side door will be locked – PLEASE BRING ID
  2. Please enter and wait in the lobby and a Coach will greet you, check ID and release your child to you.

Half-Day Pick-Up 12:30 or Full-Day Pick-Up 4:00


We have implemented a new ‘Pickup Passcode‘ which would allow you, and anyone you provide your personal code, to come through to pick up your kiddo safely from camp without the need of an ID check. This code can only be added by the account holder, and can be altered and changed at any time!

Now, instead of adding multiple people to your reservation, simply provide them your personal code! Please use this link to access a step-by-step instruction on how to add this passcode to your Summer Camp reservation! CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ADD YOUR PASSCODE!!

If you would still like to only use specific caregivers, you can still follow the same steps above! Be sure to only share your code with caregivers you TRUST. You can update and change your code at any time in your account! If you have any trouble viewing the link or have any questions/concerns, please respond to this email.