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Drop Off / Pick Up

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

We now offer a safe and convenient car-to-door “Camper Drop-off/Pick-up Line”! Simply pull up to our BEST Tent and stay in your nice, cool car. Our Coach checks your child in from your car while a dedicated Coach comes to get your child and walks them just a few steps into our Camp door! At pick-up time we bring your child directly to you after checking ID!

More information to come in your “Welcome e-mail”, upon registration. (Due to Covid-19, please call for a time slot if you must walk your child in to camp.)

Pick Up

Due to our new pick up and drop of procedures this will be a very flexible policy but please be in the car line-up for pick-up no later than 4pm. Drop -off time for the first day is 8:50 and the other days we go outside to start at 8:55. If you are not here to pick up your child by 12:35 (half day AM) it is $1 PER MINUTE you are late charged to the card on file. If you are not here to pick up your child by 4:05 (full day, half day PM), it is $10 automatically charged to the card on file for the hour (until 5pm), as long as we have others already here for after care. If no one is enrolled in after care and you are late picking up (this includes late pick up from after care hours at 5pm or 6pm) it is $1 PER MINUTE charged to the card on file with a 5% service charge. If you would like to avoid this charge please pay the attending Coach directly.

Scottsdale Camp Location

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