Scottsdale B.E.S.T. Sports Center

1 Block Northeast of Kierland - Year-round Indoor Camps

BEST Sports Camps

At our flagship 10,000 sq ft Sports Center, our beautiful A/C facility sports a soccer court, basketball court, 40-ft traverse wall, a private VIP lunch room, bounce houses, and a multi-purpose room full of video games, air-hockey, foosball, games/activities and more! Here we play almost every sport you can think of! Camps are completely private and always a lock-in for safety, boasting 14 video cameras and our typical student to coach ratio is 7:1. Camps here include AM & PM snacks and catered lunches. Before & after-care is available from 8-9am and 4-6pm for an additional fee.

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General Information

Scottsdale Camp Location

Get ready for some FUN! We will be LEARNING & PLAYING the following sports all week: soccer, softball, basketball, football, volleyball, dodge ball, 40′ ROCK WALL!, Golf, tennis, kickball, track & field and badminton! There’s more! Relay races, capture the flag, newcomb, scooter hockey, scooter soccer, frisbee, 4-square, 2-square, bump out, sprout ball and many more playground games & activities! Don’t forget our bounce houses, obstacle courses, scrimmaging and a Multi-purpose Room full of games and activities like Foosball & air-hockey! Wow!

Clean, safe & air-conditioned, brand-new 6,000 sq ft Sport Center! Our facility is closed to the public and security-monitored 24 hours a day.
All sports equipment will be supplied and cleaned throughout the day.
Just Pack a LARGE water bottle and your players will be all set.
Yes, your child will be grouped with children their same age for safety reasons and also for the best learning experience. Each age group has it’s own specially-designed curriculum based age.
Yes, your children will be running, jumping, playing and laughing all day and they WILL be tired at pick-up time! At B.E.S.T. your child is not just a number in hoards of children. Each is a special individual, we learn their names, their likes and dislikes, what they excel at and teach them accordingly. If, for any reason, you have any specific questions, we are always here to talk to you. We want to make your child’s camp experience the BEST one ever!
Scottsdale Camp Location

General Policies

Sick Children

In order for us to keep our children healthy we insist that you keep sick children home! Due to recent events, temperatures could be taken upon arrival. 

** Should your child be SICK please do not come to camp. (see cancellation policy)

Again, we ask that you please do not send sick children to camp to save losing money. Sick children will be sent home and credit not provided as it is unwise to send sick children to be around others.

Lastly, as a courtesy to our coaches and the other children in our program, we strongly request that if any of your child are sick they must be BOTH fever, and symptom-free for a MINIMUM of 24 hours before attending/returning to any B.E.S.T. Program.

Let’s keep our kids & coaches healthy – that keeps us all happy!

Camp Changes or Cancellations

Please understand we do NOT 100% Refund for ANY reason unless:

  1. Please note the NO REFUND Policy Remains in full affect for ANY REASON a customer cancels. If B.E.S.T. cancels the Camp and is not providing the service, it is a 100% refund to credit card.
  2. If a customer cancels within (48 hours or same day or after) there is no refund or credit that can be provided.
  3. All Cancellations 2 Days (48 hours) in advance will be credited 50% per camp/day or week /per kid*.  Please note this cancellation will be subject to a recalculation to account for any adjustments to a package deal which resulted in a discounted per day price. This recalculation will result in a new total.  i.e. calling to change a 5-day week enrollment into a 4-day enrollment. This will now be calculated as 4 individual day enrollment with the cancelled day balance being credited at 50%.
  4. Cancelling within 48 hours or during the same day of the camp or calling any time after a missed day is not refundable or creditable for any reason. This spot has been sold and is not marketable.
  5. Finally: We ask that you please do not send sick children to camp to save losing money. Sick children will be sent home and credit not provided as it is unwise to send sick children to be around others.


You can feel confident dropping your children off in a FUN, active, clean, and SAFE environment! Please read all online policies prior to registering. Registering gives B.E.S.T. your consent that you have read, understand and accept all of our policies. If you have any questions, we are always here to help!

Before & After Care

Before-care/After-Care is $10 per hour per child
Before-care is 8-9am & after-care 4-6pm.

Before & After Care must be booked through the BEST Office at least 24 hours in advance: 623-748-9453. You may call within that 24-hour window to see if it is already scheduled and see if we can add your child.

Food & Snacks

Snacks are included! B.E.S.T. will serve either a fresh fruit (such as bananas, grapes, or apples) OR granola bars in the morning, and a starch afternoon snack (such as freshly popped popcorn, animal crackers, or goldfish) daily. This has been cleared as a nut free snack by all who have been concerned. We encourage you to pack one snack for half day campers and 2 snacks for full day campers only if your children are picky.

A catered Lunch is included if you are a half-day AM or full-day camper:

******We are unable to accommodate alternative or substitute lunches for the reasons of allergies or personal preference. PLEASE BRING A LUNCH IF YOUR CHILD CANNOT HAVE THE LUNCH ITEMS BELOW.
**Mondays: Turkey and American cheese sandwich, chips, & cookie
**Tuesdays: Hot dogs/bun, chips, & cookie
**Wednesdays: Chicken nuggets, chips & cookie
**Thursdays: Turkey and American cheese sandwich, chips, & cookie
**Fridays: Pizza!!!!

Bathroom Independence Required

YOUR CHILD MUST BE BATHROOM INDEPENDENT to attend camp. What does this mean? This means that they must be able to go to the bathroom (get on and off the toilet) on their own, flush and wash hands by themselves. We will not enter into the bathroom facilities with your child, and should they have an accident they will have to change themselves. Should they not be able to change themselves, their parent will be called to come and assist.

Pull-ups are not permitted. Should a change of clothes be required we will supply a new t-shirt, new sweats/shorts and new socks for $25. This is non-negotiable should you not pack a change of clothes. *Please know that for our littlest campers, we remind them every hour to use the bathroom.

Scottsdale Camp Location

Drop Off / Pick Up

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

We now offer a safe and convenient car-to-door “Camper Drop-off/Pick-up Line”! Simply pull up to our BEST Tent and stay in your nice, cool car. Our Coach checks your child in from your car while a dedicated Coach comes to get your child and walks them just a few steps into our Camp door! At pick-up time we bring your child directly to you after checking ID!

More information to come in your “Welcome e-mail”, upon registration.

Pick Up

Due to our new pick up and drop of procedures this will be a very flexible policy but please be in the car line-up for pick-up no later than 4pm. Drop -off time for the first day is 8:50 and the other days we go outside to start at 8:55. If you are not here to pick up your child by 12:35 (half day AM) it is $1 PER MINUTE you are late charged to the card on file. If you are not here to pick up your child by 4:15 (full day, half day PM), it is $20 automatically charged to the card on file for the hour (until 5pm). If you are late to pick up for after care, it is $1 PER MINUTE charged to the card on file. Please be on time for all pick ups! If you would like to add after-care to your reservation, give us a call! Please note, any after care add-ons with less then 24hrs notice is an additional $5 charge.

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