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Drop Off / Pick Up

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

We now offer a safe and convenient car-to-door “Camper Drop-off/Pick-up Line”! Simply pull up to our BEST Tent and stay in your nice, cool car. Our Coach checks your child in from your car while a dedicated Coach comes to get your child and walks them just a few steps into our Camp door! At pick-up time we bring your child directly to you after checking ID!

More information to come in your “Welcome e-mail”, upon registration.

Pick Up

Due to our new pick up and drop of procedures this will be a very flexible policy but please be in the car line-up for pick-up no later than 4pm. Drop -off time for the first day is 8:50 and the other days we go outside to start at 8:55. If you are not here to pick up your child by 12:35 (half day AM) it is $2 PER MINUTE you are late charged to the card on file – automatically. If you are not here to pick up or in the car line-up for your child by 4:05 (full day, half day PM), it is $15 automatically charged to the card on file for the hour (until 5pm), as long as we have others already here for aftercare otherwise it will be $20 charge. If no one is enrolled in aftercare and you are late picking up (this includes late pick up from after care hours at 5pm or 6pm) it is $2 PER MINUTE charged to the card on file with a 5% service charge. If you would like to avoid this charge please pay the attending Coach CASH directly.

Cactus Yards Camp Location

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