What to expect

Program Expectations For Parents

Welcome to Beginners Edge Sports Training. This is the best place for youth sports including soccer, baseball/softball, basketball, football and lots more. We are excited you have decided to join us. We wrote this guide to give you information about what you should expect when coming to class and what we expect from you as a parent no matter what program you are participating with us. The common thread of everything you will read is that B.E.S.T will always try to make your players experience a pleasurable. We can never meet every parent’s expectations and please realize your view of the class as a spectator and the enjoyment of your child as a participant are sometimes quite different. Below are some common questions we get asked and then some tips on what to expect for your youth sports players for kids under 6 years old.

Who can you talk to if you have a question?

Your coaches or if it is an administrative question please call the office 623-748-9453 and ask to speak with the office staff or Director. Mitch and DawnMarie are the owners of B.E.S.T. and will step in if ever necessary.

What if I would like the Coach to do something a bit different in the class can I request that from him/her?

Yes, as they are the people hired and in front of your children and know your children the best. They can best address making any adjustments in the class over what we can do.

Can we call the office if we feel uncomfortable talking to the Coach?

Yes, although speaking with the Coach is the best method as they are challenged to work with many different personality types and working with kids with their parents a few feet away can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Most other sports programs do not welcome this sort of participation but B.E.S.T. does not mind being under the proverbial microscope of the parents eyes. Fill out electronic feedback form online to provide feedback .

What if you feel the Coach is amazing?

Tell us, tell the coach, Fill out electronic feedback form online to provide feedback . Tell someone since their paycheck depend on receiving these evaluations. Coaches want to hear about it all even the not so great since they want to improve and make your experience the BEST.

What if you feel the Coach is not living up to your expectations?

For constructive criticism comments please speak to the Coach, call the office or fill out online feedback form. Please understand we do not and will NOT react and take immediate action based on Parental feedback as many times parental feedback is not a shared opinion. Although we take each feedback seriously and fully look into each matter. We also understand not every Coach is great for every child or parent. Please consider changing classes should you feel there is not a great fit. Fill out electronic feedback form online to provide feedback .

I missed a class or going to miss a class, what do I do?

Do NOT call the office when you are going to miss a class. Call the office when you want to schedule a make-up class. Please do NOT just show up to another class you are not registered for as you will be turned away.

What is success for your Child in our programs?

Success is your child getting up in the morning and showing up to class. We measure success by a child participating as much as they feel comfortable and in the activities they want to. Success is children TRYING and having fun.

Will our program be a success for your child?

It is for 95% of the children who participate. The Coach, group of kids, flooring material, lighting, equipment, temperature, the facility colors, etc are all factors (including a million others) on whether your child will enjoy the class on any given day. Each class offers a new experience and new set of challenges all directly relating back to whether it will be successful for your child.

Our Coaches are there for?

They are there to try their best, to teach your kids to try their best to learn the skills we are teaching in a fun and safe environment.

  • To create an environment where kids can learn.
  • To execute games as stated on the weekly curriculum list.
  • Teach teamwork, camaraderie and respect for their instructors.
  • To present structure as a way of conducting the class.

Coaches Are?

  • not there to change your child’s typical behavior.
  • there to present structure but enforce it as PC as possible.
  • not there to scold children. Discipline is the Parent’s job as needed.
  • to provide choices and give them the option to play and have fun or sit on the side with their parent.
  • trained to present the basics of the sports.
  • definitely not there to tell a parent how to Parent either.

Parents Are There To?

  • make sure the kids can go to the bathroom when they need to.
  • encourage their Child’s participation not push them and threaten them to participate.
  • discipline their children when necessary.
  • participate with their children when encouragement is required or Coach requests.
For parents with
Youngins Under 2.5 – they are their to actively and physically participate in all aspects.
Players Under 2.5-3.5  – they are their to facilitate as necessary and to jump in and actively and physically participate as needed or as asked by the Coach.
Go Getters 3.5 to Under 5
 – they are their to verbally facilitate when needed  and sometimes participate based on Coach’s request or needs.
Kids over 5 – you are there to facilitate and participate when requested. (Not Typical)

Encouragement Philosophy What Is It?

We don’t force kids to play games – we present them the opportunity to play. For the U4’s this is many times through the interaction with the parent. Our Coaches are directed to never tell a child to participate rather try to encourage them in a casual manner. If a child does not respond in any way to the encouragement (calling their name, asking them to be a special helper etc) the Coach will ignore this non-participation in lieu of the parents help to figure out why they are not participating.

Details About Kids At Different Ages

For All Children Under 31 Months Old

Synopsis: As a parent myself and a Coach who has been involved with kids and sports for almost 20 years I can honestly say that at this age expectations on how an 18-31 month old will react any minute of any day should be approached with caution. A child partially participating to fully participating at this age is terrific. What makes a child participate vs does not participate is a HUGE guess. We have NEVER had a coach that was able to master controlling the parents and the kids in this age group class. This age group class is created and has been created to introduce the concepts of the sport through fun games and activities. For this reason we use soccer balls, cones, hat cones, cones, hula hoops etc – all colorful and fun objects are used to facilitate eye hand and eye foot activities i.e. kicking, hitting, running, shooting, walking, throwing, big steps etc.