BEST Softball and Baseball

Softball/ Baseball Training

For Kids 2 Thru 10 Years

B.E.S.T. now brings you B.E.S.T. All-Star Softball and Baseball Training. This is a co-ed program teaching players to pitch, hit, catch and throw like a pro! Baseball and Softball are sports both boys and girls love to play at all ages.

Beginners Edge Sports Training Coaches will provide your kids their first experience with this great sport played nationally while your child develops self-confidence and joy for the game in a fun, exciting and positive environment. BEST YOUTH SPORTS utilization of a large and soft ball as well as a smaller high density foam ball teaches your young players to underhand pitch, hit, throw and catch with confidence and no fear. Close distance pitching and small base paths create a small infield area, which helps us to defensively train the infielders.

Age-appropriate equipment, quickly changing games and skill-building activities are used to teach your child within your 50-minute weekly class. We use plastic bats, bases, tees, hula hoops and so much more. B.E.S.T. is now offering a Baseball program at this time.

Please bring a hitting tee. A glove is required for ages 4 & up. Please bring sneakers and plenty of water.

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