BEST Elite Skills and Drills

The creators of Beginners Edge Sports Training is launching its BRAND NEW Elite Skills and Drills program to answer the question of What’s Next?
New Program!

B.E.S.T. Elite Sports Training

B.E.S.T. Elite Skills and Drills is the next stage of development for your young players. This program focuses on specific sports and specific skills for the sole purpose of advancing your player’s game to a higher level. No matter the sport, no matter your skill, B.E.S.T. Elite Skill and Drills Training will make your child a better athlete and Team Player. We are equipped with the BEST staff to help you bring your game to the next level. B.E.S.T. is launching this program with its Basketball Elite Skills and Drills Program

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Program Elements

All classes are sport-specific
Each class will primarily focus on developing one skillset
All classes will have a maximum of 6 kids in the class
All classes will have the players focused on learning the sport
All classes will be 55-60 minutes long & open play (as time permits) will be included.
Classes will include evaluation and progress cards
Homework will be assigned & players will be accountable for their homework.
Choose one time a week or 2 times a week. (25% Savings on the 2nd class)

Two Levels Of Players

Focused Player

(See Specific Sports or Call for more details)
This is for the player that loves the game, has been playing on a team and needs to get an edge up to get to the next level .
This player wants to better understand the different elements of the game so they can be confident on the court/field.
This is the player that wants to be a starter.

Advanced player

(See Specific Sports or Call for more details)
For the player that can show they already have the skills and experience playing
For the player who wants to be competitive on the court.
For the player who knows that this is more than a game, it is a passion they want to excel at.
For the player who wants to be the Team Leader and the ultimate threat to all opposition