BEST Elite Sports Training

Brand New Program

B.E.S.T. Elite Sports Training

BEST Elite Training is the next stage of development for your young players at Beginners Edge Sports Training. This is the program that focuses on specific sports and specific skills for the sole purpose of advancing their game to a higher level. No matter the sport, no matter your skill, BEST Elite Training will make your child a better athlete by focusing on sports specific skills. We are equipped with the BEST staff to help you bring your game to the next level.

We are launching this program with basketball elite training in spring! Schedules will be posted soon!

How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

Make An Appointment

Come in solo or as a group and make an appointment.

Assessment With Director

15-minute assessment with director.

Speak With Parent About Direction

Sit down and speak with parent about direction.

Skills Achievement Card & Enroll

Fill out Skills Achievement Card and enroll.

Program Elements

All classes are sport specific.
All classes will focus on one skill per class.
All classes will have a maximum of 6 kids in the class.
All classes will have the players focused on learning the sport.
All classes will be 55-60 minutes long.
Evaluation and progress cards will guide your player.
Homework will be assigned & each player will be held accountable.
Each program will include at least 30 minute PRIVATE lesson with a Director per session.

Two Levels Of Players

Focused Player
This is for the player that loves the game and is just starting out.
This player wants to understand the different elements of the game so they can be confident on the court.
This is the player that wants to wear the clothing of the sport and loves playing it.
Advanced Player
For the player that can show they already have the skills or experience playing.
For the player who wants to be competitive on the court.
For the player who knows that this is more than a game it is a passion they want to exceed in.
For the player that knows they are going to be pushed!