B.E.S.T. Camp Pricing

Our Pricing

Best Prices

Prices on registration pages but we know we have the BEST prices for the BEST classes in Arizona.

Longer Programs

We are also 9-4 which is a FULL HOUR LONGER than 99% of any sports camps in AZ.

Before & After Care

Before care starting at 8am and after care until 6pm Scottsdale BEST SPORTS CENTER ONLY.


We don’t have camp restrictions, B.E.S.T. Sports allows you to pick individual days, half days or full days.

Pricing for our Sports Camps can vary by location and by the length of our sessions throughout the year.  We take all registrations over the phone or via our website with a Visa or MasterCard.

Multi-Week Discount Full Day After 4/15

4-Day Camps $235.00
Individual Full Days  –  $65
$20 Sibling Discounts, Extended Care Available from 8 AM – 6 PM

 FinalRegular Price~Multi-Week Savings
1 Week$299$299$0
2 Weeks$568.10$598$30
3 Weeks$852.15$897$45
4 Weeks$1,136$1,196$60
5 Weeks$1,420$1,495$75
6 Weeks$1,704$1,794$90
7 Weeks$1,198$2,093$105
8 Weeks$2,272$2,392$120
9 Weeks$2,556$2,691$135
10 Weeks$2,840$2,990$150

Multi-Week Discount Half Day After 4/15

4-Day Camps $175.00
Individual Half Days  – $45- AM, $40- PM
$20 Sibling Discounts, Extended Care Available from 8 AM – 6 PM

 FinalRegular PriceMulti-Week Savings
1 Week$199$199$0
2 Weeks$378$398$20
3 Weeks$567$597$30
4 Weeks$756$796$40
5 Weeks$945$995$50
6 Weeks$1134$1194$60
7 Weeks$1,323$1,393$70
8 Weeks$1,512$1,592$80
9 Weeks$1,701$1,791$90
10 Weeks$1,890$1,990$100